Is your parking lot protected against winter weather? Many commercial property owners are unaware how snow, ice, and freeze-thaw cycles can damage pavement and cause expensive asphalt repairs in the spring. Thankfully, there are many things you can do to prolong the life of your parking lot, which include repairing asphalt cracks and potholes and applying a protective sealcoat layer.

In this blog post, the asphalt contractors at Allied Construction will explain how winter weather affects asphalt parking lots so you can schedule regular maintenance before the snow flies. For more information on asphalt maintenance, we recommend contacting an asphalt paving contractor near you.

Faded Pavement Markings

As a commercial property owner, it is your responsibility to keep your parking lot safe for drivers and pedestrians. In the winter, this means keeping your parking lot free of snow and ice. Unfortunately, salt and de-icing chemicals can be tough on pavement markings and can make them look faded over time. If this is the case, you’ll need to make sure you budget for parking lot striping and marking in the spring.

Faded pavement markings are a hazard that should be fixed as soon as possible. For example, did you know that faded parking lot lines can increase the risk for door dings? It’s also important that motorists know where handicap spaces or fire lanes are located. An asphalt paving company will be able to repaint lines and markings so your parking lot continues to be a safe place.

Asphalt Cracks and Potholes

We recommend you repair asphalt cracks and potholes before winter. Otherwise, the harsh freeze-thaw cycles will cause the pavement around cracks and potholes to contract. When this happens, cracks and potholes get bigger and can even allow water to seep into the foundation to cause permanent damage.

Many commercial building owners are surprised to find their parking lots riddled with cracks and potholes when the snow melts. This is because winter weather is especially harsh on asphalt pavement that hasn’t received regular asphalt maintenance. The best way to protect asphalt parking lots is through crack filling, pothole filling, and sealcoating. Sealcoating protects your parking lot from being damaged by snow, rain, sleet, UV rays, and automobile fluids.

Snow Plow Damage

It’s not uncommon for a rookie snow plow driver to set the blade too low. When this happens, the snow plow blade scrapes along the surface of your parking lot and damages the sealcoating. Thankfully, damage to asphalt sealcoating can be easily repaired by a fresh coat in the spring. If you see gouges in the pavement that are deeper than 1 inch, you’ll need asphalt crack filler to repair the damage. However, most snow plow damage to parking lots is superficial.

The Michigan asphalt paving contractors at Allied Construction work hard to make sure you are completely satisfied with your newly paved asphalt parking lot. If you are interested in our asphalt paving services, call any of our Michigan locations for your free estimate. We are proud to serve Clarkston, Brighton/Howell, Milford, Lapeer, and all of Southeastern Michigan.