Are the cracks in your parking lot worth worrying about just yet, or should they be repaired right away? This is a question we get a lot as an experienced asphalt parking lot repair company. Asphalt cracks that go unrepaired can turn into financial and legal liabilities, which is why it’s important you recognize the signs of serious parking lot damage.

Below, we describe some of the more serious asphalt cracking patterns you don’t want to see in your parking lot. If you do see these cracks, we recommend you contact an asphalt parking lot repair contractor as soon as possible.

Alligator Cracking

Like the name suggests, alligator cracking in asphalt resembles alligator scales. If you see alligator cracking in your parking lot, you’ll need to contact an experienced parking lot repair contractor as soon as possible.

Alligator cracking usually means that there is damage to the foundation of your asphalt surface. This can happen when asphalt cracks and potholesgo unrepaired and allow water to seep into the foundation to cause damage. Most parking lots with alligator cracking end up needing to be replaced because of damaged foundations.

Cracks over 1 Inch Wide

Asphalt cracks that are over 1-inch wide will need to be repaired by a professional asphalt contractor. If you allow cracks to go unrepaired, water will be able to seep into the foundation to cause lasting damage. To maintain the appearance and function of your commercial asphalt parking lot, we recommend you call an commercial asphalt contractor as soon as you notice damage.

Cracks Under 1 Inch Wide

For asphalt cracks under 1 inch wide, you may be able to do the repair by yourself. However, if you notice several small asphalt cracks, it might be easier to contact a professional asphalt repair contractor. Most home improvement stores sell tubes of asphalt patch products. Follow these generic steps to fix asphalt cracks.

  1. Clear crack of dirt and vegetation with a screwdriver, trowel, or other similar tool.
  2. Wash asphalt crack out with garden or power hose.
  3. Let crack dry.
  4. Cut top of tube’s spout so width is smaller than the crack you want to fill.
  5. Fill cracks so it’s level with surrounding asphalt.
  6. Smooth out asphalt patch product
  7. Let dry for 24 hours.
  8. If necessary, apply a second coat of asphalt patch product.

Fixing a small crack in your asphalt parking lot can easily be completed in a weekend. However, you can also contact a contractor to fix your parking lot in no time. If you manage several commercial properties, you will want to take advantage of asphalt pavement maintenance services. That way, you’ll be able to extend the lives of your commercial properties for years to come.

If you are interested in any of our asphalt parking lot repair services, please contact our Michigan asphalt contractors. Allied Construction works hard to help you prolong the life of your asphalt parking lot and offers services to Clarkston, Brighton/Howell, Milford, Lapeer and all of Southeastern Michigan.