How To Prolong the Life of Your Asphalt Surface

Protect your asphalt driveway or paved parking lot through proper asphalt maintenance from Allied Construction. Our asphalt paving contractors provide quality asphalt services that you need to protect your asphalt for your home or business. Read more →

Asphalt Repair & Maintenance FAQ

Driveways or parking lots properly paved with asphalt make your home or business stand out from the rest. However, in order to keep your paved surface smooth and looking new, you have to regularly keep up with repairs and maintenance. Read more →

The Importance of Asphalt Recycling

Everyday people are on the roads commuting back and forth from their daily routines. Imagine if we still drove on dirt roads, or even brick—would we reach our destination safely? Would the maintenance of such roads prove to be too much of a hassle? Asphalt is a key part of our everyday lives, whether we know it or not. Read more →

Got Water?

Maybe you have heard - that Water Wins, Every Time - This is true for many construction and maintenance items - Pavement in particular is very susceptible to water damage. Pavement failure is most often caused by water beneath the surface. According to studies, pavement subgrades that are saturated just 10% of the time have a 50% reduction in actual useful life. So keeping the pavement dry is important! Read more →

Project profile: BALDWIN COMMONS

Houston we have a problem. Baldwin Commons is a very busy, full center with lots of diverse stores that leads to many retail customers. In other words very high vehicle and foot traffic. The paving is nearing the end of its useful life and is being rehabilitated in phases. All of us at Allied were excited to be chosen for the 2012 re construction project. Read more →