Houston we have a problem. Baldwin Commons is a very busy, full center with lots of diverse stores that leads to many retail customers. In other words very high vehicle and foot traffic. The paving is nearing the end of its useful life and is being rehabilitated in phases. All of us at Allied were excited to be chosen for the 2012 re construction project.

Over 80,000 sq ft of the area deemed to be most in need were slated to be reconstructed using the partial depth reconstruction method of pulverizing and re paving. The stores need to stay fully functional and safe for their customers was also very important. A Schedule was developed with the management to accomplish the work within a 5 day time frame so as to minimize the inconvenience to all involved.

Asphalt PavingIn the first step, the existing asphalt is crushed into useable aggregate base.

Pulverizing, technically called cold milling in place, crushes the existing asphalt and the top few inches of existing aggregate base into useable size to supplement the existing aggregate and strengthen it prior to the placement of the new hot mix asphalt paving. An excess of material is typically generated and must be graded and hauled off.


Asphalt PavingAs in any project the aggregate base is critical to the paving system and must be compacted, tested and proof-rolled for weak points. If weak areas are found, where the proof-roll vehicle leaves ruts or causes excess movement, typical where the clay subgrade is weak and or wet, then corrective action should be done prior to the placement of the new paving. Corrective action can involve undercutting the existing aggregate base with new material, and or the placement of edge drain to move water into the storm water system instead of sitting under the pavement and weakening it.


Asphalt PavingThe final steps are the paving. As with most commercial applications the paving is placed in "lifts". The first lift is the leveling or base course paving. In this project it was used to pave the base course quickly and efficiently prior to a rain event- so that the aggregate base would not get wet- causing delays. Compaction is KEY in placing asphalt.


Asphalt PavingIn the final photo- the wearing course is placed. Many people don�t realize that the compaction starts with the paver. 80-85 % of compaction is achieved when an appropriate paving machine is used. Various size rollers are used for break down and final compaction to achieve the projects maximum density.


Once striping is completed the project is opened back up for full use.

Thank you to BALDWIN COMMONS for allowing us to perform their project.