Allied Construction is a complete asphalt parking lot paving company that has been providing parking lot paving for commercial, retail and industrial market in the Southeastern Michigan area for over 40 years. Parking lot Paving experts at Allied Construction have an expert team of dedicated professionals that uphold our excellent reputation for customer service that will help you with your parking lot paving needs, whatever they may be. Established in 1972, our parking lot paving contractors in Southeastern Michigan continue to provide top-quality asphalt paving solutions to commercial & industrial properties across Michigan.  Whether your parking lot project is a shopping mall parking lot, school, church, commercial or industrial parking lot, we are an industry leader who specializes in parking lot paving installation as well as the reconstruction and resurfacing of existing commercial and industrial parking lots.

Whether you are responsible for one parking lot in your local area or hundreds of parking lots statewide, our parking lot paving company can manage the entire installation, paving, maintenance and repair process for you. Contact us to schedule an appointment and learn how we can help simplify your parking lot project. Call us today to talk to one of our parking lot paving, maintenance and repair experts.  We want our customers to make the right choices and we provide the information and expertise to make that happen.

Our asphalt paving company not only offers our customers expert advice, but we also provide them with the asphalt paving knowledge they can use to make an informed decision about their pavement.  No one likes to spend money on their parking lot, but like any other business expense, the wiser those dollars are spent, the better. After all, their parking lot is ... not just another pretty surface!

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