How long has it been since you last had your parking lot or driveway paved? If it’s been about 20 years and you’re starting to notice more asphalt potholes and cracks, it might be time to replace old asphalt pavement. The lifespan of your asphalt pavement can be cut short by heavy traffic, freeze-thaw cycles, and even UV rays. In this blog post, we will share the top four signs you’ll need to consider asphalt pavement replacement in the near future. Given asphalt maintenance and repairs, there’s no reason why your new asphalt surface shouldn’t last up to 20 years.

Alligator Cracks

Like the name suggests, alligator cracking resembles the scaly hide of an alligator. Whether the alligator cracking is isolated to a specific area or is a widespread issue, you’ll need to contact an Clarkston asphalt paving contractor. Alligator cracking is usually a sign that the foundation of your parking lot or driveway is deteriorating. Foundations usually fail when water is allowed to seep into the foundation to cause lasting structural damage.


As soon as you notice potholes in your asphalt surface, you’ll need to call a professional asphalt repair contractor. Large potholes can not only damage vehicles and be hazardous for pedestrians, but can also decrease the number of usable parking spaces in your lot. To keep your parking lot functional, you’ll need the expertise of an asphalt contractor. If there are large potholes throughout your parking lot, this could indicate a failing asphalt foundation that needs to be replaced.

Standing Water

Standing water is never a good sign in a commercial asphalt parking lot because it means you have a drainage problem. Deep cracks and potholes can trap water before it has a chance to properly drain, causing damage to the foundation of your asphalt parking lot or driveway.

Freeze-thaw cycles can create even more damage when water is trapped underneath the surface. If there are still puddles in your parking lot a few days after it rains, you’ll need to hire an asphalt contractor to inspect for water damage. Significant water damage to the foundation can shorten its life expectancy.

Faded Pavement

Asphalt pavement is supposed to be a rich black color. However, over the years, UV rays from the sun can cause the surface of your pavement to fade. While faded asphalt pavement may not seem like a big deal, it could indicate larger problems. Over time, UV rays can weaken your asphalt pavement, making it more vulnerable to potholes and cracks. If your asphalt surface has turned gray and is showing other signs of asphalt distress, you may want to consult with an asphalt contractor to see if replacement is necessary.

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